SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Research Solutions

It is our mission, especially in this global health crisis, to support our customers in their efforts to create a healthier world, a safer environment and more efficient manufacturing processes.

With our solutions for SARS-CoV-2 research, our customers can automate and standardize repetitive steps around the development and implementation of in vitro microplate assays. Our microplate readers, microplate washers and automated ELISA systems help scientists around the world to understand the virus and to develop new test methods or effective vaccines. They are also used in quality control during production, e.g. of antibody ELISA kits or antiviral drugs.


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Bioanalytics Product Overview

An overview of the main product lines of Berthold Technologies Bioanalytics

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NEW – reliable ELISA & absorbance analysis in just 6 sec

Learn more about our new ELISA-reader, combining intuitive operation and fast measurements.


New Product - Colibri+ Microvolume Spectrophotometer

Colibri+ - Accurate DNA, RNA & Protein Quantification in less than 3 seconds


Nobel Prize for CRISPR technology – application in infectious disease research

This year´s Nobel Prize in chemistry went to Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna for developing the CRISPR/Cas9 genetic scissors. We are proud to support CRISPR research with our multimode readers.

Nobel Prize for CRISPR technology – application in infectious disease research

This year´s Nobel Prize in chemistry went to Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna – for developing the CRISPR/Cas9 genetic scissors that enable scientists to edit DNA with highest precision. CRISPR has the potential to benefit many fields, including new cancer therapies and to cure inherited diseases. We are proud to support this research with our multimode readers, such as this one: „CRISPR-Directed Therapeutic Correction at the NCF1 Locus Is Challenged by Frequent Incidence of Chromosomal Deletions“, using our Mithras multimode reader for the quantification of granulocyte function.

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The One Health concept: how veterinary diagnostics is aiding COVID-19 detection

In this interview Eric Sellal, CEO of Biosellal shares insights into his company´s work developing real-time PCR and ELISA methods for COVID-19 detection and discussing the concept of “One Health”.

The beginnings of Luminescence

Ever wonder who developed the first luminometer and why it was developed? Learn more about the beginnings of luminescence right here!

Busting Myths about Microplate Reader Injectors

What is important if you take a closer look at microplate reader injectors? A comparison between syringe injectors and JET injectors.

What are the benefits of top reading vs bottom reading?

Microplate readers offer often the option to read fluorescence both, from the top and from the bottom but, what are the benefits of each reading mode?

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