Instruments for Civil Defense and Disaster Control

The protection of the population in the event of radiation accidents or terrorist attacks in which radioactivity is released is part of civil protection and disaster control. In this case, this includes, for example, civil protection:

•    Nuclear emergency service
•    Fire brigade
•    Technical Relief Agency (THW)
•    Customs
•    Military

Measuring Instruments for Prevention and in Emergencies

As a preventive measure, it is important to avoid emergencies with suitable alarm and control systems, such as our devices for measurement of dose and dose rate. The aim here is to supply and evaluate suitable measured values quickly and reliably in order to be able to react accordingly. Another important task is to combat the worldwide illegal trade and smuggling of radioactive sources at national borders, among other places. For this purpose, for example, vehicle and baggage controls have to be carried out; here we offer a suitable measuring instrument LB 6414 especially for the search for plutonium.

If emergencies occur despite preventive measures, the danger must be contained as far as possible. Reliable equipment for measuring environmental contamination and radiation exposure is indispensable as a prerequisite for taking suitable protective measures.

The measurements in civil defence and disaster control include:
•    Radiation protection monitoring of persons 
•    Radiation protection monitoring of objects
•    Radiation protection measurements of the environment inside and outside of facilities and buildings as well as a suitable data acquisition system for fast evaluation.

Fast, Flexible and Intuitive Operational Readiness

Especially in emergency or accident situations, in which civil defence and disaster control is used, the reliable operational readiness of the corresponding measuring instruments is essential. These characteristics are at the forefront of our devices:

  • Fast: Measuring instruments that can be used immediately after switching on without further calibrations or the like.
  • Flexible: Measuring instruments that are portable, handy and do not require counting gas
  • Intuitive: Measuring instruments that convince through simple operation based on different user profiles

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