Point source capsule from Berthold

Point sources

Safety made by Berthold!

A point source is a small cylindrical shaped capsule; about the size of a pen cap. The capsule contains an inner, even smaller capsule, where the radioactive material is sealed. For optimal protection, we also offer triple encapsulated sources, recommended for very corrosive environments. Our point source capsules are approved according to the international safety standard ISO 2919, well exceeding the requirements for the highest classification, 66646.
They are also leak-tested according to ISO 9978 and DIN 25426.

Rod source with radioactive material along the source

Rod Sources

Best measurement accuracy!

Our custom rod sources have the radioactive material distributed across the entire source length as needed depending upon the application, vessel geometry, and detector. For continuous level measurements this improves the linearity of the counts per second change at the detector to change in level, when compared to standard point sources, ensuring the highest accuracy with the simplest calibration.

The construction

The design of a point source

Our source capsules are made from either titanium or stainless steel, for the use in abrasive and high-temperature environments, withstanding up to 1200°C for 60 min.

The design of a rod source

With our unique manufacturing technology, the radioactive material is distributed continuously along the source. Typically the activity intensifies towards the lower part of the rod source because the distance to the detector increases and the gamma must pass through the vessel walls at an angle, increasing the effective wall thickness.


Safety Source Capsule

Radiation sources used for radiometric measurements are sealed in an extremely tight and durable capsule to prevent contamination. The quality of this capsule is an essential factor, as radiometric measuring systems often work in the most demanding and hostile process conditions. The safety source capsule SSC sets new standards in safety and reliability.
It consists of double or triple encapsulation, each nestled capsule highly resistant to heat and corrosive atmospheres. Even under extreme measuring conditions SSC can be used without hesitation.


As Low As Reasonably Achievable

We are committed to the ALARA principle. ALARA stands for: As Low As Reasonably Achievable and aims to keep the source size to a minimum. In accordance with this principle, we select source activity specifically for your application based on the process data and measurement requirements.

Due to our highly sensitive detectors, we are able to use very low source activities while maintaining measurement accuracy and reliability.
Benefit from our safety awareness, custom solutions, and the reduced cost for shielding and transportation.

Source disposal

If a source has decayed past the point usefulness, or is no longer needed, we can facilitate the reclamation of any source sold by Berthold Technologies, and most of our competitor's sources as well.


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