Measuring total solids on primary and secondary sludge

To achieve a better rate of dewatering, a flocculating agent is added to the sludge during dewatering. Prior to addition, the solids content is determined by microwave measurement to not only optimise the dosing but also to monitor solid content in the feed to control for constant solids loading.

Technical Features

  • Reliable online concentration measurement
  • Representative output with microwave transmission measurement through entire pipe or through product stream
  • No wear of components
  • Precise measurement with only one calibration coefficient even with different sludges
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Maintenance-free measuring system


Customer benefits

  • Reduce costs by optimising polymer and flocculant addition
  • Non-optical measurement, therefore unaffected by impurities

Berthold's measurement solution

MicroPolar LB 566

MicroPolar is the latest microwave based online analyzer for the reliable measurement of dry substance, water content, or density (e.g. in g/l, Brix, or °Bé).

Microwave FlowCell

Microwave FlowCell with EHEDG certification from DN 50 - DN 150