Measuring the interface in the extractor

In the extractor, there is an interface between the solvent and the extracted asphaltenes. This interface is typically not a clean interface, with a gradiented density change. The level is typically measured by means of a float or differential pressure cells. Other technologies also measure the physical characteristics of the fluids. If the physical characteristics change slightly, this leads to errors in the level measurement.

Solvent deasphalting process graphic

Customer benefits

Whereas other technologies tend to malfunction or err due to the coating that can occur with heavy asphaltenes, a radiometric measurement from Berthold is nonintrusive, and therefore this coating and fouling does not affect our level measurement.


  • Highly reliable measurement not affected by coating or fouling by the product
  • Can be used on high temperature and high pressure vessels
  • Easy to install on existing columns, without process downtime




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