High performance luminescence detection

The Sirius 2 detects less than 0.5 zmol of firefly luciferase (1 amol ATP/tube). Light collection is maximized through the proximity of the sample to the detector and the use of optimized light reflectors surrounding the sample vial. The detector is operated in photon counting mode which ensures a very low background signal for excellent signal to noise ratio and the highest linearity.


Outstanding flexibility

The sample chamber is designed for performance and flexibility. Just choose the sample format that fits your needs best. The optional sample holders enable accurate injection into both microcentrifuge tubes and standard luminescence tubes.

The system is compatible with the following sample formats:

  • Standard 12 mm luminescence tubes (55 and 75 mm)
  • Microcentrifuge tubes (1.5 and 2 mL)

Intuitive touchscreen operation

The touchscreen driven software is intuitive and is operated by the touch of your finger. The easy-to-use software provides advanced features such as: handling of replicates, dual assay calculations, and display of graphics.

Data can be downloaded easily to a Flash Drive, printed or the results can be exported for further calculation in Excel or other programs.


Automatic quickstart

The closing of the sample drawer automatically initiates the measurement and there is no need to press any key. The automatic light shutter protects the detector from ambient light and this makes the system ready for measurement from the moment the door is closed. There is no need to set a long delay time before the measurement as is necessary with other tube luminometers. This is so the background can return to the initial level after the door has been opened.

Flexible injector solutions

The system is available with up to two syringe-type automatic reagent injectors and the volume range is 20–500 μL. This very large volume range allows the Sirius 2 to adapt to any assay using injectors. Sample holders for precise injection are available for 1.5 and 2-ml microfuge tubes. As well as 55 mm, 75 mm and 12 mm diameter tubes which is the standard format for most luminescence assays.