Research-level performance in portable format

Many other portable luminometers are designed only to discriminate if an area is contaminated or not and these instruments offer low sensitivity and reduced dynamic range. The Junior offers performance like those of laboratory tube luminometers and can detect less than 50 amol ATP/tube and has a dynamic range of larger than 6 orders of magnitude.

Always up and running

The Junior can be operated independently from a power outlet for many hours. The Junior is also equipped with 3 rechargeable batteries so the instrument can be run remotely in the field. Spare batteries are available so you can continue working for as long as you need to in the field without recharging. Once back in the lab, the instrument can be connected to a power outlet which will automatically recharge the batteries.

Easy to carry

With a weight of only 2 kg and its small size the Junior can be carried and taken to the sampling location for measurements on site. A metal transport case providing space for the Junior and accessories is an ideal solution for outdoor use.