Designed to support your research

Are you performing real-time PCR, sequencing / NGS, or cloning experiments? Then the Colibri+ spectrophotometer will help you advance your research by supporting a broad range of applications:


Fast measurement

  • Read your samples in less than 3 seconds.

Reliable results

  • CV of absorbance  < 1%.

Broad detection range

  • 2 – 20.000 ng/µL for dsDNA.
  • 0.06 – 600 mg/mL for BSA.

Easy pipetting of the sample

The Sample Guide Light enables easy sample application and helps you to detect even the smallest air bubbles. As a result, the quality of the measurement is significantly improved.



Accurate and reproducible measurements

  • Hydrophobic coating of sample window: The hydrophobic coating of the sample window supports the formation of a measuring column from the sample liquid after closing the detector arm.
  • Shock-absorbing detector arm: The shock-absorbing detector arm reduces shocks during its closure. This supports accurate measurement of samples with as little as 1 µl with a CV of absorbance < 1%.

Wide spectral range

  • Wide spectral range from 190 – 1.000 nm
  • Benefit from more flexibility in the creation of custom protocols.

Path length flexibility

  • Choose between the two path length options: 0.5 mm and 0.05 mm.
  • Measure even highly concentrated samples without dilution.
  • Cuvette option (Colibri+ C model only): with temperature control and stirring. 

2 years warranty

  • At Berthold, we find it of great importance to deliver high quality products.
  • Benefit from our 2 year warranty for your own peace of mind.