Applications of SPARCL® assays

Using SPARCL® technology assays can be miniaturized for high throughput screening while maintaining sensitive results with a good dynamic range. The solution phase kinetics of the kit mimic the native in vivo environment by eliminating variability inherent in the attachment to a solid phase, producing faster and more accurate results. There are no washing steps as there is no need to remove excess reactants. Because of the simple workflow and incorporating only one incubation step, SPARCL® assays can be automated and adapted for multiple applications including ELISA, protein-nucleic acid and protein-protein interactions, and high throughput binding assays.

Instruments recommended for SPARCL®

To perform SPARCL® assays with a good performance you need a sensitive luminometer or microplate reader with luminescence and equipped with reagent injectors. As the reaction is very fast it is desirable to have the injectors installed in measurement position. This way the plate does not need to move between injection and measurement, this ensures that the full luminescence peak is captured. A few suggestions of instruments suitable for SPARCL® are shown below.

SPARCL is a registered trademark of Lumigen, Inc.