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Concentration measuring principle by Berthold!

The microwave measuring system uses the dielectric property of water. The measuring system generates microwaves that interact with the water molecules. This interaction causes an attenuation of the microwave energy, which can be detected as phase shift and attenuation. Since the phase shift and attenuation changes are directly proportional to the water content in the product, the concentration or dry content in the medium can be determined with high accuracy.
Berthold‘s superior multi-frequency technology provides very stable and reliable measurements unaffected by interfering reflections or resonances. The microwave energy is so low (max. 10 mW) that the material to be measured is neither heated nor altered in any way.

Quality and safety

  • Multi-frequency technology for dynamic plausibility control of the incoming raw signal
  • Signal quality self-monitoring for processing measurement data
  • Patented microwave antennas for signal optimisation and avoidance of signal interference

Simple and intuitive operation

  • Real-time process information from online measurement
  • Intuitive/user-friendly interface simplifies configuration and calibration
  • Easy to install on existing pipelines, vessels or tanks
  • Superior measurement technology „Made in Germany”

Measuring principle & function

Customised arrangements for your concentration measuring task

As an expert in microwave measurements, Berthold offers an extensive portfolio of sensors. These are extremely robust and provide long functional reliability, for years to come.

Concentration measurement

on the pipeline with a FlowCell

  • Microwave measurement covers the entire pipe cross-section
  • Nominal diameters from DN 50 to DN 150
  • For all common connection versions
  • EHEDG certification
  • Suitable for contact with foodstuffs according to Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004

Concentration measurement

on the vessel with container probe

  • Pt100 for temperature compensation
  • Extremely abrasion-proof polymers
  • Integrated reference line
  • Various flanges available
  • Exchangeable PEEK caps

Brix and concentration measurement

The MicroPolar Brix LB 565 has been specially developed for use in the sugar industry e.g. to monitor Brix content, density, or concentration. These systems can be installed on vessels (e.g. vacuum pans) or pipelines.

Further information on applications in the sugar industry with the

MicroPolar Brix LB 565

Online concentration measurement in liquids

Our LB 566 MicroPolar microwave system measures online as the process runs, providing continuous real-time information on concentration, density, dry matter, or water content in liquids, suspensions, and pastes. A high degree of accuracy characterizes the extremely reliable measuring systems. The various sensors are robust and can be installed on containers or in pipelines and can be used for various fluids, pastes, and powders.
Applications range from the food industry to wastewater treatment, power plants, and the chemical industry.

For further information about our concentration measurement

MicroPolar LB 566

Systems for online concentration Measurement



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