Automatically sets the correct cell-specific parameters.

Easy integration

Standard finger tight fittings for easy system integration.

Large sample area

Ensures maximum detection.

Types of measurement cells

Solid scintillation cells

The solid scintillator cells use a very thin Teflon or Halar tubing filled with fine scintillator grains. These cells are designed to withstand back pressure from viscous samples and flow rate. Solid scintillation cells are available either untreated (YG-U type) or surface treated (YG-S type) to minimize memory effects by sticky analytes.


  • Exceptional yield
  • Chemically inert

Liquid Scintillation Cells

Designed to be used when a liquid scintillator is added externally using a scintillation pump. Liquid scintillation cells are available for all applications including standard HPLC, LC/MS microbore and UHPLC.


  • Optimized peak shape
  • Best signal-to-noise ratio
  • No stickiness issues

Microbore cells for UPLC™/UHPLC

Designed to meet the demands of microbore HPLC by having a minimized cell volume and reduced dead volume.


  • Excellent peak shape
  • Higher peak resolution

Gamma cell

The BGO-X cell consists of a 40 mm BGO crystal that is specifically designed for analyzing gamma isotopes. There is a selection of different cartridges is available to cover a wide range of volumes.


  • High efficiency detection even for high energy gamma isotopes

Low energy Gamma Cell

Specific proprietary cell design optimized for low energy gamma isotopes like 125I.


  • High efficiency detection
  • Very low background signals

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