Up to 16 samples

Sample positions are arranged in a 2 x 8 matrix, providing a straightforward way of analyzing up to 16 samples simultaneously.


Samples are easy to pipette onto the μDrop Plate with a single or an 8-channel pipette.

Cuvette slot

It has an additional slot for a cuvette which enables measurements in a standard rectangular cuvette with a stopper.

Technical Details

Wavelength range200-1000 nm
Dimensions (W x D x H)128 x 86 x 15 mm
Weight0.16 kg
Compatible ReadersMithras, Mithras², Tristar S², Tristar 3, Tristar 5


Measurement area16 positions in a 2 x 8 matrix
Sample volume2 to 10 μL


Beam center height8.5 mm
Beam window≥4 mm




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