Measuring density for efficient dredging

To achieve efficient dredging, it is essential to maintain the optimum ratio between the density and flow rate of the dredged material. To obtain information about the current production, the density measurement needs to be combined with a separate flow rate meter. With a cross-needle indicator displaying both density and flow rate signals, you‘ll have highly reliable information about your current production and net dredging result in real-time.

Density measurement with LB 474

Berthold‘s density systems are designed to withstand even the most extreme measuring conditions, from vibration to weather to varying particle size and composition. Our fully potted detectors ensure extreme ruggedness, allowing you to cope with extreme conditions, while preventing shutdowns due to failed radiation detectors. With our patented technologies and highest levels of accuracy and reliability in the industry, you can rest assured that your operations won‘t be shut down due to a faulty detector, ensuring maximum productivity and profitability. Easy installation, outstanding robustness and sensitivity, no maintenance; you‘ll wonder how you ever managed without it.
Since the gamma radiation source (Co-60 or Cs-137) is sealed safely in a compact shield made from lead, tungsten, or stainless steel, the highest operational safety is given. As an option, the shield can be equipped with a pneumatic shutter mechanism, which automatically closes the radiation path when the dredge breaks down or the pipeline runs empty.

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Customer benefits

  • Easy installation without pipeline modification
  • Outstanding robustness and sensitivity providing accurate and repeatable measurement
  • Real-time measurement during running operation
  • No wear as measurement is contactless
  • No maintenance is required



  • Detectors come with up to 18-month warranty
  • Both a compact standalone detector and a detached system with a separate control unit are available



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