Technological Highlights

Simple and intuitive operation

  • Mechanically backward compatible with LB 6652/6752 installations
  • Compatible with LB 452 castXpert
  • For use with electrometric stirrer and brakes without signal deterioration
  • Automatic calibration rig for steel and powder level supplied

State of the art technology

  • Measures the steel level and the powder level simultaneously
  • Based on Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) technology
  • Industry-leading measurement cycle time, temperature stability and mechanical robustness
  • Superior safety with automatic detection and compensation if a scintillation failure should occur


Replacing the conventional Vacuum Photomultiplier Tube (PMT) with SiPM technology allows for a very small and compact design. With improved ruggedness, low power consumption, virtually no degradation, and built-in redundancy, SiPM technology is ideal for demanding mold level applications.



Measuring the steel level in continuous casting

Radiometric based mould level measurement is the dominating technology for measuring the steel level in continuous casting. Herein we discuss performance, statistical variation, influencing factors, source selection, and a recent development that enables the simultaneous measurement of casting powder layer thickness.

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