User friendly

The FlowStar² LB 514 is designed to be intuitive, easy to use and to get you up and running quickly. The intuitive touch screen interface makes it easy to get started and keep going. Results are displayed in both a graphical chromatogram and a numerical format, so you can start interpreting your results in real time while the run is still in progress.

The FlowStar² frees you from configuring parameters manually, thanks to the use of SmartCells: all measuring cells are equipped with a chip to automatically set the correct cell-specific system parameters. In addition, the software includes an extensive isotope library with predefined energy windows and cell usage options (14C, 3H, 32P, 33P, 35S, 128I, 111In, 99mTc…).

Easy integration into your HPLC system

The FlowStar² LB 514 makes integration easy to make sure everything works together to ensure consistent and reliable results. The integrated A/D converter records signals from external instruments (e.g. UV-detector) without requiring expensive additional hardware, while the USB port enables external control using RadioStar or other HPLC control software (e.g. Chromeleon™).

In addition, the dual analog output allows for the convenient integration into existing HPLC data systems.

The FlowStar² supports UHPLC and other LC technologies:

  • HPLC-MS (Mass Spectrometry)
  • HPLC-NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance)

Safe and secure

The FlowStar² LB 514 demonstrates our commitment to providing everything you need for safe and easy integration into your lab environment.

Safety features:

  • Automatic HV shutdown for system safety.
  • Built-in leak detection to prevent the measuring chamber from damage caused by aggressive liquids. The system will shut down automatically in the event of cell leakage.

Security features:

  • On-board system performance tests with instrument-based history function.
  • Password-based multi user access control to protect instrument from unauthorized use.


  • Several test cells are available to perform periodic system performance tests. These cells have been developed to meet GLP/GMP requirements and to guarantee a continuous system performance.

High sensitivity

The FlowStar² is the ultimate platform for high-sensitivity radio-HPLC flow detection. It uses random coincidence counting and luminescence subtraction for ultimate performance. In addition, the integrated spectrum scanning feature provides improved optimization of detector setup for each isotope.

Easy-to-use software for maximum productivity

The RadioStar software combines the ability to run sophisticated measurements with a user-friendly interface. A Chromeleon™ driver is available, Chromeleon™ is known as a very versatile chromatography software package supporting many different hardware solutions. The driver is fully certified, digitally signed by Thermo Scientific™ and runs with versions 6.x and 7.x.

Measuring cells specific to your needs

Choose from a wide range of available SmartCells to meet your application needs. These high sensitivity cells are equipped with a SmartChip to automatically set the correct cell-specific system parameters. The automatic shut-down feature of the system after removal of a cell from the detector provides additional safety.

The range of SmartCells include:

  • Liquid scintillation (admixture) cells
  • Solid scintillator cells
  • Gamma isotopes and Positron Emitter (PET) cells
  • Cells for preparative SFC
  • Microbore cells for UHPLC and UPLC™
  • Special Iodine Cells (125I)
  • Cherenkov cells for high energy beta emitters

Radio HPLC Cell Configuration and Application Finder