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Our radiometric measurements are also used in the food industry. Noncontact level and density measuring systems are normally used when the process conditions are so difficult that conventional techniques are unable to perform satisfactorily. The gamma used for these measurements has no influence on the product being measured. The high reliability and reproducibility of our measurements are of considerable benefit to the user.

State of the art technology

  • External mounting of components
  • Not exposed to the harsh process conditions
  • Free of wear and maintenance
  • Smooth handling and operation
  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • Easy to install on existing vessels and pipes systems without modifications

Process monitoring in dairy production

pipes in a dairy production with measurement

Early recognition of fluctuations

Water is a characteristic component of dairy products. It determines consistency and influences the taste as well as the quality of the final product. In most countries, the water content is subjected to severe restrictions. In Germany, for example, the water content of butter is limited to 16%. Until now, any deviations from the set-point could only be identified at the end of the production process. Using state-of-the-art microwave technology, it is now possible to monitor the water content / dry substance content online during production, which provides early recognition of moisture fluctuations. Thus, a basis for constistent high quality and cost-efficient production has been established.

From butter to yoghurt – the measuring system Micro-Polar LB 566 provides continuous real-time data for water content / dry substance content in a wide range of dairy products. The measurement can be carried out directly on the main stream; a bypass is not necessary. The measuring performance is influenced by neither colour, viscosity, nor lack homogeneity of the measured product.

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Applications for food products

Moisture on cereal, grains & powders

Online process monitoring for food products

Measuring moisture in pasta production

Accurate process monitoring for optimisation of product quality


Concentration Measurement

Online measurement of concentration for liquids, suspensions, and pasty media with latest microwave transmission technology.


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