Customer benefits

  • Online total solids or density measurement 
  • Optimisation and control of the production process
  • Cost reduction through optimised use of resources
  • Optimised pump utilisation avoids blockages and ensures optimum efficiency
  • Non-optical measurement, not sensitive to contamination therefore no cleaning required
  • Not sensitive to film build-up

Special features

  • High accuracy < 0.2 wt.% dry matter content (first standard deviation)
  • Representative measurement results due to detection of the entire material flow in the pipeline
  • Reliable measurement with only one calibration factor, even with different sludges
  • Low maintenance 

Precise & reproducible microwave measurement

Measuring the total solids or slurry density of calcium carbonate during production is crucial for maintaining product quality, optimising processes, ensuring regulatory compliance, enhancing product performance and troubleshooting any issues that may arise during manufacturing. It plays a vital role in the overall efficiency, reliability, and success of calcium carbonate production across various industries. With the Micro-Polar LB 566 measurement system from Berthold it is possible to measure the density or total solids with high repeatability and accuracy, thus guaranteeing stable and reliable process control throughout the entire process. 

Measuring principle

The MicroPolar measuring system uses the special dielectric property of water. It generates microwaves that interact predominantly with the water molecules. This interaction induces a weakening of the microwave energy, which can be detected as phase shift and attenuation. As the phase shift and attenuation change is directly proportional to the water content, this allows the determination of the concentration of the medium with high accuracy. Berthold‘s superior multi-frequency technology guarantees highly stable and reliable measurements that are unaffected by interferences caused by reflections or resonances. The microwave power of a MicroPolar system is so low (max. 10 mW) that the material to be measured is neither heated nor changed in any way.

Berthold's Measurement Solution

MicroPolar LB 566

MicroPolar is the latest microwave based online analyzer for the reliable measurement of dry substance, water content, or density (e.g. in g/l, Brix, or °Bé).


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