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Detection Technologies

The Tristar 3 Multimode Microplate Reader provides you with the flexibility for today, tomorrow, and beyond to master your changing plate reading applications:

  • High-sensitivity Luminescence
  • BRET
  • Absorbance (UV/VIS)
  • Fluorescence
  • FRET

Broad wavelength range selection from UV through the visible range

From UV absorbance for DNA quantification to measurements in the far red or NIR, the Tristar 3 is ready for any assay and greatly improves the wavelength range of the TriStar².

BRET/BRET2 and NanoBRET™ upgradable

All Tristar 3 preconfigured models have the features you need to perform BRET assays: best-in-class luminescence sensitivity and a high quality filters. To start working with BRET, just order the correct filters for BRET1, BRET2, and NanoBRET™.

ONE-4-ALL Optics for uncompromised performance

Our patented ONE-4-ALL optics have been optimized to combine the stability and user-friendliness of a multimodal optical system with the sensitivity and versatility of a dedicated optical devices.

ONE-4-ALL optics work with both filter and monochromator based applications, so there is never a compromise in performance in any mode.

High-performance filter system - when sensitivity counts

The quick-change filter technology of the Tristar series provides you with the flexibility required to meet your application needs. With your choice of up to 40 different excitation and emission filters can be easily mounted on exchangeable filter slides.

The filters are characterized by high transmittance properties which can be up to 25-fold more sensitive than monochromators. Technologies like Time-Resolved Fluorescence is measured more efficiently with filters.

Furthermore, filters with a large bandwidth are available to analyze fluorophores with wide spectra and all luminescence-based assays requiring the use of filters, e.g. BRET, BRET2 and NanoBRET™ assays.

Ergonomic design to support your work

The ergonomic design of the system provides full frontal access for all key operations (e.g. plate loading, filter change and connecting reagents). Reagent vials can be stored in the integrated front compartment providing easy access and visibility. The Tristar 3 contains a removable trough that can be filled with water or ice to keep all of your temperature sensitive reagents cooled. Different reagent tube holders are available to ensure secure handling of valuable reagents. The system has a flat surface on top, providing enough space for a laptop.

Powerful crosstalk control – reliable results

Do you often see a few high-intensity samples surrounded by wells of low-intensity when running your samples?  Then you are potentially affected by a phenomenon called crosstalk, this can produce wrong results and wrong conclusions. The crosstalk reduction design of the Tristar 3 almost eliminates this problem: with a crosstalk of 10-6, you will never have to worry about the position of your high-intensity samples in your plate.

JET injectors: highest accuracy, speed and cell-friendliness

The Tristar 3 can be equipped with up to 3 JET injectors with variable volumes in pre-measurement or measurement position. The ultra-fast injection speed of JET injectors eliminates any delay between injection and measurement. This enables the Tristar 3 to measure ultra fast reactions, e.g. flash luminescence.

Berthold Technologies JET injectors use Teflon bellows for accurate and fast injections. This guarantees the most efficient mixing as well as extreme longevity.

  • Highest accuracy and reproducibility with greater than 98 % accuracy and reproducibility over the entire volume range.
  • Low reagent consumption due to the low dead volume and the injectors can recover up to 60 % of the reagent in the injector line. A single priming sequence is enough to achieve a 99 % homogeneous mix at the tip.
  • Low maintenance costs – friction-free operation enables more than 3 million injections without mechanical failure.
  • Optimal performance in flash-kinetics - ultra-fast injection enables the measurement of the first 150 ms of a kinetic assay (e.g. Fura-2 or Acridinium ester assays).
  • Worry-free injection of cell suspensions - negligible shear forces are ideal when working with living cells, e.g. in Aequorin-based calcium assays

Convenient Software options

Our microplate readers are powered by LightCompass®, a flexible software enabling easy data acquisition, analysis and reporting using Berthold Technologies' instruments. It has been optimized for different microplate and tube formats. LightCompass® features all the functions you can expect from an advanced scientific software, such as flexible creation of measurement protocols, curve fitting, qualitative analysis and compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

LightCompass® is available in 3 different versions: Basic, Plus and Professional. Just pick the version that better suits your research needs.

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Validation tools, Service & Support

For many laboratories ensuring compliance with a number of GMP and GLP requirements is essential. We provide a number of tools and services to help you ensure that your system is running at peak performance.

Validation Tools

We provide a variety of tools to help you check and confirm the performance of your products over time.


Berthold Technologies provides a team of dedicated factory-trained service engineers and experts to optimize your productivity. We and our local partners are always at your disposal.


Our team of technical support scientists is your resource to overcome the unique challenges your application brings. Contact our team to discuss your assay, experiment design, data analysis, troubleshooting questions.

Featured Application Notes

Picture for the news about the application note "DNA quantification with Quant-iT Picogreen dsDNA and Tristar Microplate Readers"

DNA quantification using Quant-iT™ Picogreen® dsDNA

The combination of the Quant-iT™ Picogreen® dsDNA assay and the Tristar microplate readers offers a fast, simple and accurate way to quantify DNA in your samples.


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News for the application note "NanoBRET with the Tristar Microplate Readers"

Study Protein-Protein interactions with NanoBRET™

This publication confirms the suitability of the Tristar microplate readers to measure the NanoBRET™ assay, which is an improvement of the BRET technology resulting in increased signal and lower background.

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News for the application note "DUAL-LUCIFERASE® REPORTER (DLR™) VALIDATION OF THE TRISTAR Microplate readers"

Dual-Luciferase Reporter® (DLR™) Assay with Tristar

The Dual-Luciferase Reporter® (DLR™) Assay System from Promega is a popular commercial assay using firefly luciferase and renilla luciferase as reporters. Promega’s DLR assay had been validated on the Tristar 3 multimode microplate reader.

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Tristar family Application Notes

Some of the following Application Notes were created with earlier instrument versions of the Tristar system family, but can be transferred 1:1 to the new Tristar systems.

Screening of GPCR antagonists using Ca2+ measurements and the TriStar² S 3 commercially available compounds are screened for P2Y2 receptor inhibition using the calcium mobilisation assay with two different fluorescent dyes measured on a TriStar² LB 942 multimode microplate reader.

PDF | 1,009.5 KB

Monitoring circadian gene expression in micro-algae using the TriStar² We report how the Berthold TriStar² multimode microplate reader equipped with luminescence module, in combination with an external LED illumination adaptor, can be used to image circadian rhythms in the micro algae Ostreococcus tauri.

PDF | 675.1 KB

MONITORING MOLECULAR INTERACTIONS USING THE PROMEGA NANOBRET™ PROTEIN:PROTEIN INTERACTION SYSTEM AND THE TRISTAR MULTIMODE MICROPLATE READERS In this Application Note results confirm that Tristar Multimode Readers are suitable devices for use with the Promega NanoBRET™ Protein:Protein Interaction System.

PDF | 375.3 KB

DLR™ VALIDATION OF THE TRISTAR 3 Validation of the Tristar 3 with the Dual-Luciferase® Reporter System from Promega.

PDF | 283.1 KB