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The One Health concept: how veterinary diagnostics is aiding COVID-19 detection

In this interview Eric Sellal, CEO of Biosellal shares insights into his company´s work developing real-time PCR and ELISA methods for COVID-19 detection and discussing the concept of “One Health”.

Nuclear Regulations

Nuclear Measurement Gauges are registered, sold, operated, and maintained under regulations from either the Federal Government or the State in which they are located.

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Simultaneous Alpha and Beta Determination

The Alpha channel includes 2 integral discriminators, one with a low threshold and one with a higher threshold. If one Alpha pulse, which gets into the Alpha as well as the Beta channel...

Frequently Asked Questions

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No! With doserates comparable to typical radiation exposures in airplanes, and falling below the NRC mandated maximum doserates, with reasonable precautions being near a radiometric gauge {for a short period of time} is safe.
Yes! The detectors SENSseries LB 480 from Berthold have been awarded SIL2 / SIL3 certification. This certificate covers the measurement applications level switch, continuous level and density.
Yes, but this can be easily compensated for with Berthold's Gas Property Compensation (GPC).
No! Berthold detectors have features (XIP or RID) that handle interfering radiation and thus maintain a stable and reliable measurement.
Choosing the best filter combination is very important to achieve the best performance in any fluorescence-based assay. Learn more about our recommendations.
As a rule of thumb, white microplates are used for luminescence and black ones are used for fluorescence, but there are many other plate types and assays.
In this article you will find the formula to convert from Irradiance (in W/m²) into quantum flux (in µE) when a wavelength is expressed in nm.
Some of our instrument software packages require registration for full (or any) functionality. You need to register your software license to obtain the passwords which are required to unlock the software on your PC.
Priming injectors prevents splashing and contamination of the injector tips with reagents. Learn more about how to prime injectors.
As good as never! With our industry leading temperature and aging stability, Berthold’s radiometric gauges do not need to be recalibrated during normal operation.

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