Systems for Dose and Dose Rate Measurement

Measurement of Dose and Dose Rate with Berthold Measuring Instruments

The measured quantity dose describes the effect of ionizing radiation in matter and is given in the unit Sievert [Sv]. The dose in relation to time is referred to as the dose rate, with the unit Sv/h. The dose is measured in the unit Sievert [Sv]. These measured quantities are subject to worldwide legal limits which must be observed. In order to comply with these limits, relevant areas must be reliably monitored. 

For the measurement of dose and dose rate, Berthold offers a range of different probes for both gamma and neutron radiation.

Individual Measuring Systems for Your Requirements

Monitoring is necessary for routine radiation protection measurements on site or in the laboratory and wherever radiation fields may occur.
By combining different products, consisting of probes and data loggers, your individual requirements for dose rate monitoring can be covered. Our competent and experienced product specialists will be pleased to support and advise you.

Environmental Monitoring in Gamma and Neutron Radiation Fields

We manufacture various products for environmental monitoring in gamma and neutron radiation fields. With our probes wide dose rate and energy ranges can be covered as well as pulsed and unpulsed radiation can be detected.