Low background, high resolution

The NightOWL II uses an ultrasensitive back-illuminated (backlit) CCD camera with high quantum efficiency over the entire visible to near-infrared spectrum. Efficient cooling of the array (absolute -80 to -90°C depending on the room temperature) ensures very low noise, so that long exposure times can be used to integrate the signal over time and detect even weak light signals. The sensor dimensions are 13.3 x 13.3 mm, and captured images have 1024 x 1024 pixels, 13 µm  in width which provides high imaging resolution.

Light-tight cabinet with motor-driven camera

The NightOWL cabinet is extremely light-tight, preventing any interferences from ambient light. The NightOWL is the first imager with a motor-driven camera inside the cabinet. Optimum resolution and focus of the sample are achieved by automatic positioning of the camera according to the actual sample size. The camera can be moved from a height of 50 mm to 725 mm allowing focussing on every sample size up to 250 mm. For close-ups a macro table can be used. The camera is set up with flat field and height correction. This calibration eliminates non-uniformities caused by variations in the optical path due to height, illumination or lens effects.

A modular system tailored to your workflow

The conditions required to image living organisms can be very different depending on the application. To cover a broad range of applications, Berthold Technologies provides a very flexible system and a wide variety of accessories, including:

  • Various light-sources for different applications
  • Light-tight ports to insert cables, fibre optics or manipulators
  • Heating tables to maintain optimum body temperature
  • Transilluminators
  • Gas anesthesia unit
  • Animal isolation chambers for 1 or 5 rodents

These devices may even be switched on and off through the software and the built-in sockets. This option enables the researcher to add more features into the cabinet.

The flange option provides light-tight access to the inner part for tubing, cables or even fibre optics, e. g. for special illumination of plants.  The flange can be customized for special purposes.

Powerful and intuitive indiGO™ software

The user-friendly IndiGO™ software controls the instrument and makes image processing easy. IndiGO™ provides the following innovative features:

  • Easy wavelength management: dedicated filters for both, excitation and emission are selected via a filter inventory that provides you with information about the filter properties. The software provides the option to display up to 10 different wavelength colors in a single experiment. This way, multiple events can be located simultaneously.
  • Other features: optional 21 CRF part 11 compliance, animal alignment and digital mouse atlas alignment option.