Accurate and repeatable milk of lime measurement

Concentration measurement and control of milk of lime is critical to ensure proper quality and cost stability. Naturally, thin juice contains impurities and non-sugar substances which are eliminated in the clearing process. The thin juice is cleaned by adding a known concentration of milk of lime. To control the right dosing of lime milk concentration, a Micro-Polar Brix measurement is used in many factories worldwide. On account of the sophisticated microwave technology, a highly reliable and repeatable concentration measurement is achieved to monitor and control the quality of the milk of lime. Multifrequency technology and reference cables for measurement stability are incorporated to ensure a consistent measurement result.

Customer benefits

  • Online density measurement
  • Precise and representative real-time data for improved process control
  • Optimal juice purification results
  • Cost efficient use of raw material
  • Integrated reference line for disturbance-free measurement
  • Reliable, accurate and repeatable measurement
  • Easy installation and calibration


Technical Features

  • State-of-the-art microwave measurement
  • Sturdy transmitter and robust sensors
  • Very accurate and repeatable measurement
  • Maintenance free measurement
  • Installation options inside the slaker, at pipelines or in tanks

Fields of application

Milk of Lime (MOL) is a suspension of calcium hydroxide in water which is produced in the slaker. The ratio of quick lime and water should be maintained in a range to achieve a MOL with a nominal density of 22.5 °Be. With an online measurement, the process can be controlled and operated continuously, without expensive downtimes or delays. The LB 565 in combination with a container probe or a FlowCell is used in the slaker (or after the slaker) to control the optimal density of MOL thus increasing process efficiency.

Berthold's Measurement Solution

MicroPolar Brix LB 565

Measurement of Brix, dry substance, density, and concentration with Micro-Polar Brix – the microwave analyzer for the sugar industry


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