Measuring the moisture on conveyor belts or chutes

Both bagasse and beet pulp contain a certain amount of water, which needs to be measured in order to ensure continuity and downstream process quality.
The Berthold microwave systems are applied to determine online moisture  with a noncontacting measurement on conveyor belts or chutes. Thus, the customer receives representative, in-situ moisture information for optimized process control. Due to the lack of contact, the measurement components are not subject to wear and tear – resulting in maintenance-free operation and long operational life.

Customer benefits

  • Accurate determination of dry substance / residual moisture content
  • Reliable control of downstream processes
  • Precise and representative real-time data
  • Compliant with product quality requirements and customer contracts



  • Noncontact, nonintrusive measurement using state-of-the-art microwave technology
  • Online determination of dry substance
  • Highly representative as the entire cross section is measured
  • Compensation of varying height or bulk density available for enhanced measurement performance
  • Maintenance-free operation, without wear and tear


Measurement solutions for the sugar industry Industry brochure

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Berthold's Measurement Solution

MicroPolar LB 567/568

Microwave moisture analyzer for all kind of bulk materials, noncontact, reliable, and virtually maintenance free

Microwave moisture measurement sensor

LB 571 Microwave Resonator

Sensor for online moisture measurement of bulk materials

Horn Antennas

Horn antennas for conveyor belt and chute installations