Zoom HT at a glance

Summary of the main features of the Zoom HT high-throughput microplate washer


Designed for speed

If your application requires to wash many microplates in a short time, the Zoom HT has you covered. The system combines several product features that enable high throughput while delivering excellent wash results:

The Zoom HT takes only 14.5 seconds for a triple wash of a 96-well plate using point aspiration, 17 s including stacking.

The self-emptying liquid discharge system, combined with a built-in stacker, ensures uninterrupted processing of large batches of plates.

The single-rail plate transfer design enables highly efficient transfer of the plate from the in-stack to the wash position and from there to the out-stack position. Typical throughput is 190 washed plates per hour or up to 1,330 plates per day.

Designed for low residual volumes

The Zoom HT is designed to achieve the desired residual volumes due to the flexible 3D-positioning of aspirate needles and the unique, reliable vacuum system used. In addition, the new circular aspiration function enables lower residual volumes than ever before: <1 μL/well. 

Designed for reliability

The continuous addition of antifoam reagent to the liquid waste trap, and the ability to optimize dispense position and speed, make the Zoom HT ideal for handling problematic reagents.

Liquid level sensors alert the user if the reagent bottle is empty or the waste container full.

In addition, protocols can be protected from unwanted modification using the administrator mode.

High-throughput Dispensing

With the addition of the optional dispense module, the Zoom HT Washer becomes an efficient washer-dispenser combination system.  Berthold uses a proprietary syringe-based liquid delivery system for reagent dispensing. The dispenser ensures timely and accurate one- or two-channel reagent dispensing with minimal dead volume (which helps saving precious reagents), perfect for microplate coating applications.


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