Alignment check

The luminescence test plate is used to verify and adjust the measurement position of your microplate luminometer in 96 and 384 well position.

Performance check

The test plate can be used to verify crosstalk, detector function and stability.

Realistic tests

Diffusors are used to simulate the light emission characteristics of “real” samples.

Transport case

The test plate will be delivered in a sturdy transport case. This is very convenient to safely transport the plate if it is used to verify several instruments in different locations.

Technical details

Available positions
  • 96-well position
  • 384-well position
  • Overload position
Parameters tested

96-well position:

  • Measurement position, 96-well format
  • Crosstalk, 96-well format
  • Detector stability

384-well position:

  • Measurement position, 384-well format
  • Crosstalk, 384-well format

Overload position

  • Detector funtion
  • 40105-10: Centro series, Mithras series, Orion II, Tristar series


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