Reliable and quick responding control of the catalyst level inside the hopper is very important to ensure a high quality reforming process. Each hopper is equipped with continuous level gauges using rod source technology. Rod sources offer highest precision and reliability because the radiation is custom distributed over the measurement range. When paired with a rod detector, the system will also detect the formation of cones, which means that the true amount of catalyst inside the hopper is determined and filling can be optimized. These are often paired with radiometric level switches to provide high level or low level alarms for safety.


The catalyst used for reforming loses efficiency over time, and thus regeneration of the catalyst is necessary. CCRs are characterized by a continuous regeneration of a portion of the catalyst in special regenerators, with the regenerated catalyst returning to the reactor. Radiometric level systems from Berthold are used on the regenerator to ensure a smooth and continuous re-activation process. Due to high process temperatures, the non-contacting technology is the only one which provides reliable level control – the basis for efficient catalyst regeneration.

Customer benefits

  • Optimized control of regeneration process
  • Ideal utilization of regenerator capacity
  • Reliable control of catalyst feed
  • Prevents running empty



  • Noncontact, nonintrusive technology
  • Standard: point source, rod detector arrangement
  • Easy to install on existing tanks, without modification
  • Highly repeatable and stable over years of operation

SIL certified option

The SENSseries LB 480 detectors offer versions that are certified for use in SIL2 applications. SIL3 is achieved by adding an identical redundant SIL2 detector using the same source for homogenous redundancy. The certificate covers all measurement applications, from high level or low level alarms to continuous level. Thus the safe measurement of critical processes is guaranteed.

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Long-term stability

A reliable measurement, requiring no maintenance and re-calibration, is vital for the operation of a process and is our highest priority. Berthold’s detectors offer stability in the face of changes in ambient temperature. Even drastic temperature shifts, e.g. from winter to summer do not cause measurement drift. Our patented method for detector stabilization compensates for temperature changes and aging.

Detector Stability

X-ray Interference Protection (XIP)

With this function, weld tests no longer cause sudden fluctuations in the measured value. When weld tests are detected, the measured value is frozen until the external radiation event ends. A digital output can be set to signal the detection of interfering radiation.
All of our level measurement detectors are equipped with XIP.

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