Simple integration into every HPLC system

The HERM makes integration into your existing HPLC system easy. The PC connection can be established instantly via the USB port. By using the analog 0-1 V output, the HERM can be integrated into every HPLC system. In addition, its compact design makes it easy to fit in a hot cell.

Highly sensitive luminescence monitoring

In the fLumo detector the low noise head-on PMT has been designed to face the sample coil directly. The result is a high sensitivity detector for even the faintest traces of chemiluminescence signals.

Background-free Gamma and PET monitoring

The use of specific measuring cells simplifies the measurement of high activity PET isotopes even in high background laboratories.

A bulky and heavy lead shielding is not required as the system is insensitive to 511 keV gamma. Available cells include:

  • PET measuring cells
  • Luminescence measuring cells
  • Gamma measuring cells

Dual operation mode

The HERM system can be installed in multiple distinct configurations, providing more flexibility and convenience. The comfortable stand-alone configuration provides an analog signal which can be easily integrated into an existing HPLC system. The system is equipped with a flash memory and a powerful CPU. Alternatively, the system can be installed in the PC-controlled configuration via a USB connection for digital data acquisition.

Easy-to-use software for maximum productivity

The HERM Controller is the software interface to the instrument; it controls all functions and collects the data. The RadioStar software combines the ability to run sophisticated measurements with a user-friendly interface. A Chromeleon™ driver is available, Chromeleon™ is known as a very versatile chromatography software package supporting many different hardware solutions. The driver is fully certified and digitally signed by Thermo Scientific™ and runs with versions 6.x and 7.x.