ELISA and ELISA system solutions

The ELISA method is the gold standard for the quantification of soluble proteins with high specificity and sensitivity. Learn more about the different ELISA formats used today, the potential problems you may face and how to solve them. You will also find application-specific content to support your specific ELISA application and information on how our system solutions can help you optimize every step of your ELISA workflow.  

DNA Quantification and required instrumentation

The quantification of DNA is often required as a pre-analytical method to initiate the subsequent workflow. Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of the different DNA quantification methods available and the required instrument solutions.

Protein-protein interactions and instruments to study them

Protein-protein interactions (PPI) are of great importance for the functioning of cellular processes. Learn more about the different types of protein-protein interactions and the various methods and instrument solutions available to study them.

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