• 6 sealed xenon large area proportional counter tubes with integrated HV and preamplifier
  • Arrangement of detectors in 4π geometry
  • Integrated loading scale


  • Approx. 150 litres or 170 litres Measuring volume
  • 2 compensation detectors in case of a fluctuating background (optional)
  • Comprehensive and flexible report protocols

Simple Operation

  • Ergonomic loading via front door/cabinet slider
  • Operation via a standard PC with special software
  • Easy operation even for untrained operators (semi-automatic or automatic mode)

Product Overview

LB 2050

The development of the clearance monitor was initiated upon new clearance regulations in Germany for radioactive materials (Radiation Protection Ordinance 2001 §29). The monitor consists out of a mobile detection unit with a measurement volume of 150 liter and an evaluation PC.

Six large area Xenon counter tubes measure both beta and gamma radiation. The approximate 4-pi geometry ensures a high sensitivity and a very good independence of the spatial distribution of the radioactivity in the waste container.

The weight is automatically taken into account by means of an integrated load cell scale. The data are collected in the PC and are stored into a data base.

Technical Data

Measuring chamberstainless steel, mobile, front door access, base plate on sliders for ergonomic loading
Front panelsimplified use with status lights and Start/Stop buttons
clear status indication via red, green, yellow and blue LEDs
Protective gridstransparency 80 %
Shielding5 mm lead (optional 7 mm) covering all sides of the measuring chamber
Loading scaleintegrated in the container slider (max. 90 kg)

inner dimensions: 477 x 477 x 650 mm3 (W x D x H) or 147.9 liters

outer dimensions: 577 x 800 x 1100 mm3 (W x D x H) incl. wheels

Weightapprox. 207 kg with 5 mm lead

approx. 240 kg with 7 mm lead