Measuring Solution for the Water & Recycling Industry

Water & Recycling IndustryThe non-contacting measurement solutions offered by Berthold Technologies are used to make the best out of your water treatment and recycling processes. The most common application in the water industry is the total solids content measurement of sewage sludge.

For the combustion of biomass or household waste we provide moisture meters, level and density systems. We also provide non-contacting belt weighers for measuring  mass flow on belt conveyors, screw conveyors, chain conveyors and other mass flow on belt conveyors.

In addition to the given examples, we are always happy to solve new challenges. Talk to us!

Our Applications/Solutions for the Water & Recycling Industry:

Concentration and Water content measurement

Concentration and Water content measurement MicroPolar
MicroPolar is the latest microwave based analyzer for measuring dry substance, water content and density (e.g. in g/l or °Bé).