Technological Highlights

Simple and intuitive operation

  • Installation on silo walls, conveyor belts, shafts / chutes or screw conveyors
  • High operational reliability through robust probe
  • Accurate material moisture determination during the process
  • Selection of calibration data for 4 different products possible


State of the art technology

  • Online moisture measurement
  • Integrated signal processing
  • Convenient commissioning and calibration via PC software
  • Continuous monitoring and logging
  • Accurate material moisture determination during the process, thus highest quality and safety in production

LB 571 system highlights

The sensor with integrated signal processing unit can be used for a wide range of bulk materials in a moisture range of between 0 and 30 %. The robust design and the use of high-quality and wear-resistant materials ensure a high degree of operational reliability. The parts in contact with the media are made of ceramic or stainless steel and the electronic housing is made of corrosion-resistant aluminium. The LB 571 is therefore suitable for use in the food industry. Calibration is carried out directly on site, conveniently and quickly using the supplied PC software. The online determination of the moisture during the active process allows for a reduction in production costs through continuous quality monitoring, for example by reducing energy consumption in drying processes and by reducing the amount of rejects.


For ease of commissioning and to execute calibration of various products a software package is delivered with the product. The software is used to completely configure the system and to calibrate various products. Data points for samples can be crated via the software, which can be calibrated based on laboratory analyse of those samples. During normal operation, no computer needs to be connected to the device. Process, as well as configuration data, can be stored on a SD card for offline analyse or for transfer to other devices. A separate diagnostics menu allows you to monitor and analyse the signal and measurement quality, online with a computer connected to the device or offline when reviewing data logged on the SD card.

Measuring principle and function

The installation possibilities are manifold, common installation situations are e.g. on silo, belt conveyor, shafts / chutes or screw conveyor. Possible applications are on bulk materials, on-woven, fibreboards, foils and paper and cardboards.