Microwave Moisture Analyzer LB 567/LB 568

Highly accurate moisture measurement for bulk materials

MicroPolar is our latest online moisture analyzer, using state-of-the-art microwave transmission technology. The moisture measurement is carried out non-contacting, either on a conveyor belt or in a chute.

Without contact to the measured material, the sensors are not subject to wear and tear and even maintenance is not required at any time.

Typical fields of applications are to be found in the mining industry and power plants, in the chemical, pulp & paper and building materials industries.

Our microwave moisture measurement - your advantages at a glance

  •     Cost-optimized production do to real-time measurement
  •     Representative, exact and reliable
  •     Non-contact and low-maintenance
  •     Simple on-site calibration

Microwave moisture measurement MicroPolar 2 LB 567 system highlights

MicroPolar 2 LB 567 is predestined for applications with constant measuring conditions (e.g. constant particle size, bulk density etc.) The measurement is carried out without the need of a radiometric unit. In combination with a height sensor the system allows for a compensation of varying bulk heights on the conveyor belt. For more demanding applications however, we recommend to use the moisture sensor MicroPolar Moist LB 568

Microwave moisture measurement MicroPolar Moist LB 568 system highlights

The moisture measurement analyzer MicroPolar Moist LB 568 is applied when the bulk density varies. Beside the moisture measurement by microwaves the system comprises also a radiometric unit to measure the area weight (mass per unit area). By combining both measurements varying bulk densities can be reliably compensated leading to a significantly improved measurement accuracy.

Our applications/solutions for microwave moisture measurement:


Measuring the dry substance in sugar beet slices and bagasse
Measuring the moisture in sugar cube production

Measuring the mosture of blast furnace slag (GGBS)






Multi-frequency Technology

The measurement is performed with a number of different frequencies per measurement cycle, leading to a very stable and reliable measurement, unaffected by reflexes or resonances.

High Dynamics

The high dynamic range of Micro-Polar allows the precise determination of moisture on even very high bulk loads.

Height Compensation

If the bulk height varies, a separate distance sensor can be connected, ensuring highly accurate measuring results.

Area weight Compensation

Varying particle sizes can affect the measurement performance. Using the radiometric area weight compensation the fluctuating bulk density is reliable compensated and optimum measuring accuracy is achieved.

Reference Line

An integrated reference line makes the measurement independent from potential environmental influences.

Automatic on-site Calibration

The calibration is done directly on the evaluation unit. The software contains a sample taking feature, where laboratory values can be easily entered and linked to the corresonding measurement values. The calibration curve is calculated automatically.

System Configuration

Arrangement on a conveyor belt

With the emitting antenna mounted beneath and the receiving antenna mounted above the conveyor belt, the microwaves can penetrate the whole material interface.

Arrangement on a chute

The antennas are mounted on opposite sides at the outer wall of the chute. The microwaves are able to penetrate the walls of the chute as long as they are not made from conductive material. In that case a window made of plastic material may help, alternatively our measuring chute can be used (see picture below).




Technical Data 

MicroPolar control units



Microwave transmission measurement

Transmitting power

<10 mW (<10 dBm), coaxial output power, depends on the
particular type


Wall mounted housing made of stainless steel
LB 566: HxWxD: 300x323x140 mm
LB 566 ++ / LB 567 ++ / LB 568: 400x338x170 mm

Protection class

IP 65

Ambient temperature


- LB 566 (++): –20 ... 60 °C (–4 ... 140 °F)
- LB 567: –20...50 °C (–4 ... 122 °F)
- LB 567 ++, LB 568: –20 ... 45 °C (–4 ... 113 °F)


All versions: –20 ... 60 °C (4 ... 140 °F)
Operation and storage without condensation

Achievable precision

≤ 0.1 weight % (standard deviation)

Power supply

All versions: 100 ... 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
LB 566 ++, LB 567 (++), LB 568: 24 V DC
LB 566: 24 V AC /DC

Power consumption

Max. (48/60) VA (AC/DC)

Software languages

English, German, French

Inputs and outputs


Sensor connection

Inputs and outputs for HF cable
(measurement and reference channel)

Current input

2 x current input 0/4...20 mA: Impedance 50 Ω,1x insulated,
1x device earth e.g. temperature compensation,
loading height compensation

Current output

Current output 1: 4 ... 20 mA, max. impedance 800 Ω,
insulated, for measured value

Current output 2: 0/4 ... 20 mA, max. impedance 800 Ω,
insulated, e.g. for temperature, density etc.

Pt100 connection

Measurement range: –50 ... 200 °C (–58 ... 392 °F) for
temperature compensation

Digital input

3 x digital inputs, functions: Start/Stop measurement, keep
measurement, product range, test sample

Relay outputs

2 x relays, SPST, insulated, functions: Collective malfunction notification,
pause measurement, threshold value (min. and max.), loading shortfall

Serial interface

For general data output (set-up, commissioning protocol,
measured value) and software update

All versions: RS232 (connection to memory tool or PC)
LB 566 (++), LB 567 (++): RS485



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