Sensitive and reliable

Thanks to a stringent selection of photomultipliers working in photon counting mode and more than 40 years of experience building luminometers, the CentroPRO provides sensitive luminescence detection: less than 20 amol ATP/well (0.1 pM) can be detected reliably.


Powerful crosstalk control – reliable results

Do you often see a few high-intensity samples surrounded by wells of low-intensity when running your samples?  Then you´re potentially affected by a phenomenon called crosstalk, that can produce wrong results and, hence, wrong conclusions. The crosstalk reduction design of the CentroPRO does almost eliminate this problem: with a crosstalk of 10-6, you never have to worry about the position of your high-intensity samples in your plate.

Light-tight design

All Berthold Technologies' luminometers ensure light-tightness of the housing and the doors, checked against a light source of 30,000 Lux without any influence on the measured values.

Intuitive and flexible Software options

Berthold Technologies’ ICE software was developed to meet the demands of users looking for a wizard-driven, easy to operate software (even for long-term kinetics, up to 7 days long). Pick the ICE software package that meets your needs:

  • ICE Research for single, dual, kinetics and repeated measurements.
  • ICE Immunoassay for single measurements with curve fitting and cut-off evaluation.
  • ICE Advanced to combine all capabilities of both ICE Research and Immunoassay.

Software Comparison