The Centro supports all basic luminescence technologies including:


Sensitive and reliable

Thanks to a stringent selection of photomultipliers working in photon counting mode and more than 40 years of experience building luminometers, the Centro provides highly sensitive luminescence detection: less than 5 amol ATP/well (25 fM) can be detected reliably. In the Centro XS, optics have been optimized to increase its sensitivity even further: below 1.8 amol ATP/well (9 fM).


Powerful crosstalk control – reliable results

Do you often see a few high-intensity samples surrounded by wells of low-intensity when running your samples?  Then you´re potentially affected by a phenomenon called crosstalk, that can produce wrong results and, hence, wrong conclusions. The crosstalk reduction design of the Centro does almost eliminate this problem: with a crosstalk of 10-6, you never have to worry about the position of your high-intensity samples in your plate.

Integrated waste pump

Thanks to its built-in waste pump, you don’t need to worry about loading microplates, waste containers or removal of injector tips for washing and filling the reagent lines; the built-in waste pump takes care of the safe removal of excess liquids.

JET injectors: highest accuracy, speed and cell-friendliness

The Centro can be equipped with up to 3 JET injectors with variable volumes in pre-measurement or measurement position*. The ultra-fast injection speed of JET injectors eliminates any delay between injection and measurement and enables measurement of fast reactions, e.g. flash luminescence.

Berthold Technologies' JET injectors use Teflon bellows for accurate and fast injections and guarantee most efficient mixing as well as extreme longevity.

  • Accurate pipetting of small volumina: JET injectors ensure the injection of large and small volumes with high accuracy and offer a precision of more than 98% over the entire volume range
  • Low maintenance costs: frictionless operation for extended lifetime
  • Cell-friendly performance: cell-friendly materials and negligible shear forces enable worry-free injection of cell suspensions, e.g. in Aequorin-based calcium assays

* All injectors in pre-measurement position in the Centro XS.

Convenient Software options

Choose between different software options according to your application needs:

ICE Software

ICE software is an intuitive, wizard-guided software that walks you through the entire process of setting up your system, collecting your data and reporting the results. The software package is as flexible as your research thanks to the many setting options and freely configurable combinations of operating sequences.

MikroWin Software

The MikroWin software is a complete software solution providing instrument control, data collection, analysis and reporting. The software is available in different versions, reflecting different user needs. The complete Advance version of the software provides 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and additional QC features like audit trail or configurable user hierarchies.


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