Robust construction is ensured by the use of metal hoses, seals designed as metal cones, and welded pipes with flanges and fittings.

Key features of the monitoring equipment include verifiable tightness in the filter areas, achieved by double O-ring seals at the separation joints. These seals, which can be removed during operation, ensure system integrity. An integral flow monitor with a 10 litre per hour alarm value provides added safety.

Priority is given to reducing particle losses across all size classes, and our units incorporate experimentally confirmed data to validate their efficiency. The user-friendly design simplifies operation and accommodates varying staffing levels in dynamic working environments. Filters can be easily changed without dismantling shields, ensuring quick changeovers even during shift changes.

Experience seamless maintenance with tool-less cartridge removal. As seismic requirements evolve, our monitors are designed to match local building response spectra, ensuring resilience and performance.

These world-class aerosol or iodine monitors and samplers meet the stringent German KTA nuclear safety standard and have been approved in several countries including Sweden, Finland, Spain, Brazil and Argentina.