Offering 70+ years of industry experience, extensive technological expertise plus global reach, we can grow your brand and provide the stability that an OEM solution requires.

Find out more about our broad technology base and the different ways we can help you develop tomorrow's products - your way.

Our technological expertise

Our many years of technological expertise have resulted in successful product developments and partnerships. We are the specialists in mechanics, renowned for our expertise in optics (e.g. absorption, fluorescence, luminescence and optical sensors), providing engineering excellence in automation, liquid handling, system design and system integration for life science/analytical instrumentation and medical devices.

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Main competences of Berthold Technologies: System development, electronics, precision mechanics, software & algorithm, cloud & connectivity, Apps, Automation & Liquid handling, optical detection, radiometry/gamma detection, heating/cooling technologies, microvolume spectroscopy, approvals

System Development

Tap into our expertise and bring a winning solution to market while focusing on your business.

Our dedicated team of engineers, project managers, trusted partners and consultants can help you design a solution that fully covers your needs and results in a product, your way!

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Customized solutions

Do you prefer to customise a proven system to your requirements and branding to add the right instrument to your kit portfolio as quickly and cost effectively as possible?

Our engineering teams have extensive experience in the design and manufacture of custom instrumentation solutions for the life sciences and diagnostics industries.

No matter whether you simply want to transfer an existing system into your branding or add new features to it, we provide customisation you can rely on.

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Would you like to learn more about our extensive life science instrumentation portfolio?

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OEM Modules

We can draw on an extensive portfolio of proven and pre-engineered technologies. These modules can be easily adapted for stand-alone use or as part of an integrated solution, e.g. for use in your automated workflow, reducing your project's risk and time to market.

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Why OEM Modules from Berthold Partnering Solutions?

Faster time to market

Ready-to-use and easily modifiable building blocks speed up the development of your new system.

Compliance with industry standards

Compliance with important norms and standards is already guaranteed. This further reduces the project risk.

Designed with the user in mind

Each module already meets a variety of key requirements, so we can focus on your most important needs from the outset.


Are you looking for a product solution that covers individual steps or even the entire ELISA workflow? Our ready-to-use ELISA workflow modules not only cover the complete ELISA workflow. When used in combination, they can also be fully automated.