Removing and installing the source

Before conducting extended maintenance work at the shield, you have to remove the source. After the maintenance work is finished, you can reinstall the source. This does require the direct handling of the unshielded source. You must clarify with the responsible supervisory authority in advance whether your license for handling radioactive substances comprises handling unshielded sources. In any case, the source may only be installed/removed by authorised persons. The competent radiation safety officer is responsible for planning and monitoring the work.

Manufacturer’s number for reordering

When reordering, always indicate the manufacturer’s number of the source used since the new source must correspond to the original version. The manufacturer’s number can be found on the type plate of the shield as well as on the individual seal test certificate of each source.

When to replace the source?

Generally, the radioactive source used enables a service life between 5 and 10 years. A replacement of the source is only required if the statistical fluctuations of the output signal are inadmissibly large and compensation by increasing the time constant is no longer possible, e.g. for control technical reasons.

More Information

Please be sure to observe the safety notes and instructions in the respective operating manuals!

Information on this can be found in the corresponding operating manuals