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It's hard to believe, but we are celebrating our 75th anniversary this year. We look back with pride and look forward to the future with enthusiasm - celebrate with us!


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Bulk level measurement

Reliable and precise for all types of conveyors – new brochure available!


NEW - The LB 135 TOL/G Dose Rate Meter

Learn more about our new LB 135 TOL/G Wide Range Dose Rate Meter suitable for both continuous and pulsed gamma radiation fields and characterized by precise measurements of the equivalent dose H*(10) and dose rate in a wide energy range.


Density measurement for resid hydrocrackers

Ideal measuring solution for advanced process control.


13.08.2024 - 15.08.2024

SASTA Congress Durban, South Africa

The South African Sugar Technologists’ Association aims to promote the exchange of scientific and technical knowledge related to sugarcane agriculture and sugar milling practice.

28.08.2024 - 29.08.2024

ONS Stavanger, Norway

Exhibition has been gathering the international oil and gas industry to network, debate, do business and plan for the future for more than 50 years.

02.09.2024 - 06.09.2024

Electra Mining Johannesburg, South Africa

Connect with your future in the areas of mining, electrical, automation, manufacturing, power, and transport​.



Luminescence vs fluorescence and phosphorescence

We all think of something glowing when we hear the words luminescence, fluorescence or phosphorescence but the mechanism that stand behind these effects are somehow different. So, the question is, what sets them apart from each other?

The One Health concept: how veterinary diagnostics is aiding COVID-19 detection

In this interview Eric Sellal, CEO of Biosellal shares insights into his company´s work developing real-time PCR and ELISA methods for COVID-19 detection and discussing the concept of “One Health”.

What is alpha decay?

Alpha emitters have a place of their own when it comes to radiation protection. Learn more about the properties and effects of alpha radiation in the following article.

What is radioactivity?

Radioactivity surrounds us all, at any time in any place. Learn more about the physical phenomenon and how radioactivity is caused in this article.

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