Solutions for Research Facilities

Research facilities that come into contact with ionizing radiation in any way include the following areas:

•    Accelerator installations
•    Radionuclide laboratories
•    Universities/Research Centres

Measurement Solutions for (basic) Research

Fundamental research, or research in general, is essential and necessary for all areas. Contact with ionizing radiation is inevitable in the course of various research projects. Particle accelerators are used, for example, in industry for material irradiation and non-destructive material testing as well as in research for the production of radionuclides and for experiments in nuclear and elementary particle physics. Due to their design and type of application, such accelerators have very different structures, resulting in a wide variety of requirements for radiation protection measures both during the construction and operation of such a facility. We offer measurement systems for monitoring very low as well as very high activities caused by various radioisotopes, pulsed and unpulsed radiation (e.g. LB 6419). Our devices can also be used to monitor the (system) dose rate and the personnel (e.g. LB 147), which convince by their longevity and reliability.

Support for Teaching with Measuring Instruments from Berthold

Research and teaching often go hand in hand. Universities not only educate highly qualified young scientists, they also often conduct a considerable amount of research there. The intuitive operation of the measuring instruments and the provision of precise measurement results help to deepen the understanding of measurement technology and at the same time enable a safe research environment. 

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