Benefits at a glance

  • One detector for up to 8 m measuring ranges
  • Long-time stability of 0.02 % per °C (patented method)
  • Highly sensitive scintillation rod with 2 inches in diameter
  • Universally applicable
  • Stainless steel housing


TowerSENS uses a scintillation rod - 2 inches (50 mm) in diameter to ensure high sensitivity and accuracy over the whole measuring range. Therefore the TowerSENS detector can work with 15-20 fold less source activities compared to scintillation fiber technology.

Due to the stainless steel housing and the robust scintillation rod, the TowerSENS can work in the most demanding of process conditions. Our patented method for detector stabilization reliably compensates for temperature influences and aging effects and ensures the outstanding detector performance over many years.


Continuous Level Measurement Brochure

English | PDF | 4.9 MB

Density Measurement Brochure

English | PDF | 1.6 MB

Radiometric measurement Whitepaper

English | PDF | 1.8 MB


Explosion potectionATEX, IECEx, NEC and CEC
Housing materialStainless steel, IP66 / IP68
Operation temperature-40°C ... +60°C (-40 ... +131 °F)
Scintillator size
Ø x length [mm]
Base module:   50 x 1000 (polymer)
Base module:   50 x 2000 (polymer)
Extension:        50 x 2000 (polymer)
Up to 3 extension modules