Klaus Mack

Dear employees of Berthold Technologies GmbH,

Dear readers,

I would like to congratulate you today on the 75th anniversary of Berthold Technologies GmbH. You can be proud of what you have achieved in the past years. The company has been active in the fields of process control, life sciences and radiation protection since 1949. It is not only of great importance in the northern Black Forest, but also plays a significant role worldwide. In a total of 11 branches and companies, you guarantee the outstanding quality of your products and services day after day. 

The 19th century English writer John Ruskin once said: "Quality is not an accident; it is always the result of hard thinking." Quality cannot be bought with money. It stands and falls with the right people. People who think and act. The employees of Berthold Technologies GmbH achieve great things with their knowledge and skills. With their wealth of ideas and inventiveness, they contribute significantly to making the northern Black Forest an important location for technology and innovation. For decades, processes have been defined, optimized and implemented. In doing so, you have made an outstanding contribution to the region and ensured a high quality of life with attractive job opportunities. I cannot thank you enough for your commitment and dedication.

The high quality of your work demonstrates an above-average level of professionalism. I hope you will continue to do so in the future. I wish you all the best. I look forward to seeing you continue to be successful and enjoy the fruits of your thoughts and actions. I wish our readers good information, suggestions and inspiration, and a happy anniversary.  


Klaus Mack

Mitglied des Deutschen Bundestages