Concentration measurement for liquids, suspensions, and pasty media

Concentration, density, or dry matter can be measured in a wide variety of products, continuous processes, pipelines, and vessels using the microwave measuring systems from Berthold.


Berthold reduces CO2 emissions with the power of the sun

We have implemented our first photovoltaic system to reduce our carbon footprint.


Radiometric measurement solutions for the petrochemical industry

Reliable measurements even under the most challenging process conditions.


Arrival of bullet-proof vests in Ukraine

In August we decided to provide our long-time business partners in the Kharkiv region with 20 class 3 bullet-proof vests to protect their staff. Now they have finally arrived!


Berthold Technologies enables procurement of bullet-proof vests for partner company in Ukraine

The safety of our partners and their families is very important to us.


NEW – reliable ELISA & absorbance analysis in just 6 sec

Learn more about our new ELISA-reader, combining intuitive operation and fast measurements.


Density and solids content measurement in the thickener

Optimize your discharge process in the mining industry


Measurement solutions for water and recycling applications

Process optimisation with online measuring system for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants


LB 201

The new food samples becquerel monitor LB 201 from Berthold Technologies