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Improving desalter performance for opportunity crudes

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Do you want the learn from our expert about how the performance of separators and electrostatic coalescers (desalters/dehydrators) can be improved by design and control instrumentation?

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About this webinar

Improving Desalter Performance for Opportunity Crudes? Here is how.

As refiners try to maximize their profits, they tend to look towards opportunity crudes to be mixed into the mainstream crudes. These opportunity crudes are bought at a discount and by having the correct arrangement of process equipment, profits can be maximized.

Learn from industry experts for things to consider when refining opportunity crudes or if you are just looking for a better performing Desalter.

It is easy to overlook the Desalters when optimizing a refinery configuration. When processing opportunity crudes, is your two-stage desalting system suitable, are the transformers and grid arrangements adequate and is sufficient treating area available?

Other points to carefully evaluate are the water injection scheme, the chemical injection program and your desalter level control. Are you using the correct instrumentation technology?  Do you have large emulsions that form? Or are you unaware? 

Learn more about Berthold's measurement solutions for refinery applications

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Level, interface and density measuring systems for the use in demanding downstream processes.

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