HERM LB 500 High Activity Radio Monitor

The Flow Monitor for High Activities

The HERM is a dedicated radio flow monitor for detecting gamma isotopes present in high activities e.g. in nuclear medicine or PET laboratories.

The sodium iodide crystal combined with a thick lead shielding provides a sensitive, reliable and stable measurement system. The Twin-Cell-Changer offers enough flexibility in terms of changing activities and flow rates for the flow through analysis.



Choice of operation

HERM can be used as a stand-alone system pre-configured via a terminal software or in a fully PC-controlled manner via the RadioStar software.

Similarly the signals detected in the HERM can be transferred an analogue channel (0 to 1 V) or via the digital USB connection


Each of the detection cells can be configured to the needs, i.e. activities and/or flow rates present in the analysis. A mechanism enabling immediate change between the two cells gives even more freedom in customization.

Downstream Control

Threshold values can be set in order to be able to control downstream devices like separation valves and fraction collectors even in a time-delayed way.


A built-in oscillator serves as a reference source for auto-control and GLP validation of the system.




Detection DeviceNaI crystal coupled to low noise photon counting PMT
Isotopesgamma and PET emitters
Digital InterfaceMini USB
Analog OutputTTL
0 to 1 V (10 Hz sampling rate)
2 programmable relay switches
DimensionsElectronics: 210 x 60 x 120 mm (w x h x d)
Detector incl. shielding: 150 x 350 x 180 mm (w x h x d)
WeightElectronics: 1 kg
Detector incl. shielding: 26 kg




Besides controlling the detector the PC software offers sophisticated functions for radiochromatographic data evaluation

  • recording of max. 4 channels incl. 2 non-isotpic ones
  • integration of peaks
  • half-life correction
  • quench-correction
  • report generation
  • export functionality, e.g. ANDI format

The software is 21 CFR part 11 compliant.


The PC software arranges the data properly in an easy-to-comprehend layout and transfers the data to spreadsheet softwares like EXCEL.


HERM flow monitor can be used in the development, production and especially quality control of Radio-Pharmaceuticals, PET istope labelled tracer substances and Radio isotope labelled substances:


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