The microplate well is part of the optical system in plate reading. Therefore, the microplates used need to be high quality and must match certain criteria. The criteria include the reflectiveness of the surfaces influencing the background readings as well as the efficiency of the light transmission to the instrument´s detector. Another important fact is the microplates ability to block light between wells.

Berthold Technologies provides microplates best suited for luminescence, fluorescence and absorbance measurements.

  • Various microplate formats: 24, 96 and 384 wells
  • Black or white microplates
  • Black plates with white wells
  • Cell culture treated microplates (individually wrapped)
  • Clear bottom microplates
Order Information
23300Microplate 96 well, white, 40 pcs
23302Microplate 96 well, black, 40 pcs
55008Microplate 96 well, black with white wells, 100 pcs
51838 Microplate, 96 well, white, sterile, cell culture, 50 pcs
51839Microplate, 96 well, black, sterile, cell culture, 50 pcs
24910Microplate 96 well, white, clear bottom, cell culture, 50 pcs
38840Microplate 96 well, black, clear bottom, cell culture, 50 pcs
60705Microplate 96 well, white, clear bottom, 100 pcs
60706Microplate 96 well, black, clear bottom, 40 pcs
41081Microplate 24 well, white, clear bottom, cell culture, 56 pcs
41082Microplate 24 well, black, clear bottom, cell culture, 56 pcs
32505Microplate 384 well, white, 40 pcs




High Reflectiveness

White microplates and the black ones with white wells are best suited for all luminescence and BRET applications as their material and surface maximises luminescence signals.

Low Crosstalk

Black plates with white wells ensure excellent performance for luminescence measurements.  The black frame reduces crosstalk while the white wells are enhancing the signal.

Reduced Scattering

For all fluorescence applications black microplates are recommended as their material minimises light scattering.

Cell Culture Treated

The tissue culture treated microplates are individually wrapped and the plate of choice for all cell based assays.

Clear Bottom

The clear bottom of the plates is flat and thin in order to enhance reproducibility and to minimise light leakage between wells.

Microplate Recommendations











Luminescencexxx(x) xx
Fluorescence  xxx 
Absorbance (x) xx 
BRETxx   xx
FRET  xxx 
AlphaScreen®xx   x
Fluorescence Polarisation  xx  
Time-resolved Fluorescencex xx x
HTRF®xx x x

xx  =  very well suited

x    =  well suited

(x)  =  usable