sample tubes for luminometry

  • premium optical characteristics
  • easy to handle
  • various heights/volumes
  • sterile and non-sterile


Order Information
09778   Lumi vials 5 mL, 12 x 75 mm (ø x h), 3000 pieces
09777     Lumi vials 3 mL, 12 x 47 mm (ø x h), irradiated, 1000 pieces
26152Lumi vials 3.5 mL, 12 x 55 mm (ø x h), 2000 pieces





The sample tubes are made of Polystyrene and exhibit excellent optical properties.

Matching Diameter

The diameter is 12 mm fitting perfectly into the measurement compartment of the tube luminometers.

Wide Volume Range

The vials can hold as little as a few microliters of sample and as much as 5 milliliters. The sample is always presented in an efficient way to the detector.


All tube luminometer applications, e.g. ATP Determination, DNA Probe Assays, Enzyme Activities, Hygiene Monitoring, Luminescence Immunoassays or Reporter Gene Assays

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