Brix Measurement for the Sugar Industry


Online measurement of concentration, density, brix value and dry substance in sugar mills

Brix Measurement for the Sugar Industry

MicroPolar Brix LB 565 is specifically designed for brix measurement in the sugar industry. The system provides online measurement of concentration, density, brix value and dry substance. Its high dynamic range allows a precise measurement on even very large pipeline diameters.

Measurement for the sugar industry with MicroPolar LB 565

An important parameter for the extraction of sugar is the concentration of the sugar massecuite. Measurement of the dry substance content, usually represented as Brix is absolutely essential in order to optimize, control and improve the sugar quality. Based on more than 60 years of experience in process control, Berthold Technologies provides products, which exactly match the requirements and expectations of sugar producing customers. We offer specially designed microwave sensors  for measurements in product pipelines, dissolved sugar containers, crystallizers and at other process locations. The MicroPolar Brix provides accurate, reliable on-line concentration measurements of the sugar magma over the entire process. More information

Quick and accurate real time measuring results

MicroPolar Brix Meter provides fast and precise measuring results. Several thousand installations in many different countries, the microwave analyzer has proven to work accurate and reliable. The brix meter is available with different types of sensors for the installation on pipelines or vessels. Typical applications in the sugar cane and sugar beet industry include the measuring of dry substance of thick and thin juice, concentration of milk of lime and brix value during crystallization (continuous or batch-type vacuum pan).
Microwave Container ProbesMicrowave Container Probes

Container probes for Microwave Moisture Measurement

If necessary the removable, new plastic caps made of PEEK with internal thread can be exchanged on site. The newly developed antenna technology inside ensures higher measurement accuracy and offers more dynamics. For more information

FlowCell with EHEDG certification

The new Microwave FlowCell consists of a stainless steel inline housing and two antennas which are connected via clamp connections and are interchangeable at any time. It is also suitable for hygienic applications due to the certification of the EHEDG. Further infomation

Automatic on-site calibration

One of the greatest benefits of the MicroPolar Brix is that the calibration is done directly on the evaluation unit. The system includes a multi-language user interface and a sample taking feature that enable the user to enter laboratory values easily and quickly. What's more, the calibration curve is calculated automatically, saving you time and improving accuracy. The brix meter contains a freely accessible foil keypad, an alphanumeric keyboard and 4 soft keys. Data protection is ensured through free password selection. An integrated reference line makes the brix measurement independent from environmental influences of any kind.


Our Applications/Solutions for the Sugar Industry:


Sugar Graphic

1 Measuring °brix in the evaporation
2 Measuring °brix in the

3 Measuring density of milk of lime in the puification process

4 Measuring dry substance in sugar beet slices and bagasse
5 Measuring mass flow of
sugar beet/sugar cane 

6 Measuring moisture in
sugar cube production

Sophisticated Multi-Frequency Technology

The MicroPolar Brix LB 565 uses a sophisticated technology with a number of different frequencies per measurement cycle, leading to a very reliable and stable measurement. The measuring results are unaffected by resonance or reflexes. For more information about the LB 565 brix meter, please visit this site or contact us at +49 7081 177-0. You can also send us an e-mail ( or request a callback.

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