Level Switch Measurement

Level Switch MeasurementLevel Switch Measurement Our radiometric level switches are used in a wide variety of industries, providing either a high or low level alarm. The measurement is carried out non-contacting and non-intrusive.

All components of the measurement system are mounted on the outer wall of the vessel, without any contact with the measured material. They can be installed on all types of vessels or bunkers like hot storage tanks, vessels with agitators, high-pressure reactors, cyclones or feeder chutes.

Measuring Principle

The radiometric level switch measurement can be used in the most demanding and hostile of process conditions. Neither extreme temperature, pressure nor corrosive and abrasive atmospheres affect the measurement performance.

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Technology Highlights

Detector Stability

The patented method for detector stabilization ensures a consistent measurement performance, reliably compensating temperature and aging effects.

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Our high-sensitive detectors achieve a better measuring effect and can work with remarkably low source activities.

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Our Products for Level Switch Measurements:

Level switch measurement with SENSseries

High-sensitive point detector with innovative safety features - SIL
Highly sensitive detectors for contactless level switch measurement with innovative safety features - SIL