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Level Switch MeasurementLevel Switch Measurement Proper results based on level switch measurement are highly important in all branches of industry including the food industries. If you are looking for a level switch measurement solution that provides accurate and reliable results, you have come to the right place. Berthold‘s radiometric level switches are used in a wide variety of industries, delivering stable and precise data in any measuring environment. Read on to find out how our products can improve the performance of your processes.

Non-Contacting and Non-Intrusive Measurement

If you plan to use a radiometric level switch from Berthold Technologies, you don‘t need to bother about the proper installation of the equipment. All components of the level switch are mounted on the outer wall of the container, without any contact with the measured material. Our measurement systems can be installed on all types of vessels or bunkers like feeder chutes, vessels with agitators, hot storage tanks, cyclones and even on high-pressure reactors.

Perfect Measuring Results in Almost Any Process Conditions

The radiometric level switch measurement is a measuring method that can be used under almost any process conditions. Even in a hostile environment, the radiometric measuring method yields reliable and accurate results. Neither high pressure and extreme temperature nor abrasive and corrosive atmospheres have a deteriorating effect on the measurement performance. Dust, color and the chemical procedure of the product being measured do not influence the results.

The Measuring Principle Explained in Simple Terms

Berthold‘s level switch measurement equipment uses a technology that is based on a highly advanced measuring priciple. Gamma radiation emitted from a shielded source irradiates the container at the pre-defined level height. As the level reaches the limit, the rays are either totally absorbed or significantly weakened. The attenuation is measured by a detector that is mounted on the opposite side of the vessel. As soon as the level reaches the limit, the system triggers an alarm and releases an alarm signal automatically. For more information on our level switch technology, please visit this page.