Process Control09.07.2011

Brix Measurement for Vacuum Pans

Controlling the crystallisation of sugar solution in Continuous Vacuum Pans is very important to ensure proper crystal structure and high product quality.  The LB 565 Micro-Polar Brix monitors the concentration (Brix) of the sugar solution online and allows for a very precise determination of the seeding point. Based on microwave measuring technology the sophisticated system provides highly accurate and repeatable results, as it is not affected by colour or other process variations. Micro-Polar Brix uses the multiple frequency analysis to ensure a very stable and reliable measurement. Operating with very low power microwaves (approx. 0.1mW), the sugar solution is neither warmed nor modified.  The Pan probe is also available with flushing device and has radio licences according to FCC, IC and ETSI for a compliant use of the microwave technology.